Omar Brown

I am a programmer, avid learner, and tech enthusiast who is always crafting awesome stuff (or learning something new so that I write better code!) I love a challenge, and I love helping bring ideas to life.

Front-End Development
I love working with Javascript and Front-End frameworks to build functional user interfaces
Things I Make:
Web Applications with Vue or Angular
Progressive Web Apps
Electron Apps
Serverless Web Apps using AWS
Back-End Development
Every good web application needs a back-end. I'm a fan of decoupled architectures.
I'm well-versed in:
AWS Certified Developer
Computer Science
Both a passion and aspiration, computer science is amazing. Super nerdy, I know!
My current interests:
Getting better with stats
Using python
IoT projects using my raspberry pi
Learning ML and AI in depth
Some Projects
Ambucs Data Entrymore_vert

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Giving Backclose

This project is for a non-profit to use for data retrieval and editing. It will allow the non-profit to track awards to patients and contact information. Security and dynamic content were two of the challenges in this project. It is still ongoing as of March 2019 and is expected to be complete by May of this year.

Talixa, LLC Websitemore_vert

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A Simple Websiteclose

During my internship I was tasked with refreshing the company website. Since then it has been succesfully updated and is in use in production.

AWS Recommendationsmore_vert

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Bringing My Special Skillsclose

This paper was a research project to move an enterprise application to AWS as well as implement AWS DevOps best practices in the workplace to improve our workflow. By implementing various tools that AWS has to offer we are able to more effectively maintain and develop new features.

What People Think
Thomas Gerlach, Super Mentor, Awesome Guy

"Omar worked for my company as a summer intern. During his time with me, he fixed bugs in a .NET app, rewrote my website to use MaterializeCSS, developed reports using Jasper, compiled Linux libraries, helped perform research for an AI project, and provided feedback and recommendations on other projects. Omar is an incredibly talented developer with a visible passion for technology. Omar will make an excellent addition to any development team."

- Thomas Gerlach, Chief Engineer at Talixa, LLC
Guido Santella, Close Mentor, Friend, Teacher

Omar is a fast learner, deep thinker, and has the ability to solve programming challenges with minimal guidance. He understands the modern web stack and is passionate about his craft as a developer.

- Guido Santella, Instructor at South Hills School of Business and Technology
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