3 Really Basic Reasons HTTPS is Important For Your Website

HTTPS is the New Standard (for good reason too!) When I ventured out to make this website, I set up HTTPS from the start. Some would ask if that is really necessary, considering that I don’t take payments or collect user data. My answer to that (and hopefully everyone’s answer) is a resounding “Yes!” If it’s not your answer, here are three basic reasons why it matters: 1. Security –

Dev Theory – CI/CD Pipeline 101

No (still relevant) Software Stays at Version 1.0.0 Recently a mentor of mine posted an article about how creating software is an iterative process (you can read it here), where products are released and then constantly improved. Software goes through many changes in its life cycle, and there is always room for improvement. Imagine what Amazon or Facebook would look like if everything stayed at Version 1! Any modern developer